SCM520 Purchasing

Course Overview

1: Purchasing Master Data

Creating Material Master Records for Purchasing

Creating Vendor Master Records for Purchasing

Using Partner Functions in Purchasing

2: Sources of Supply and Conditions

Analyzing Price Determination Basics

Creating Purchasing Info Records

Creating Special Info Records

Using Special Functions in Info Records

Creating Central Contracts

Creating Scheduling Agreements Without Release Documentation

Creating Scheduling Agreements with Release Documentation

3: Source Determination

 Controlling Source Determination with Source Lists

 Maintaining Source Lists

 Controlling Source Determination with Quota Arrangements

  Executing the Planning Run with Quota Arrangements

 Identifying Additional Aspects of Source Determination

 Blocking Sources of Supply

 Creating Purchase Orders with Source Determination

4: Optimized Purchasing

Processing Unassigned Purchase Requisitions

Processing Assigned Purchase Requisitions

Monitoring Purchase Orders

Assessing the Buyer Role

Document Release Procedure

Releasing Purchasing Documents

Converting Released Purchase Requisitions

Configuring Release Procedures in Customizing

Creating Release Procedures

6: Specific Procurement Processes

Creating Invoices Using Invoice Plans

Creating Blanket Purchase Orders

Deploying Subcontracting

Purchasing with Manufacturer Part Numbers

: Deploying Additional Special Procurement Processes

7: Vendor Evaluation

Evaluating Vendors

Setting Up Vendor Evaluation

Purchasing Document Types

Customizing Document Types in Purchasing

Setting Up Field Selection in Purchasing Documents

Deploying Version Management in Purchasing

Analyzing Special Aspects in Customizing

Defining Function Authorizations for Buyers

9: Integrated Procurement Scenarios

Purchasing with SRM and Catalogs

 Integrating SAP Components



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