SAP SCM510 Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

Course Overview

1:Introduction to Inventory Management

Lesson: Exploring Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

Lesson: Using Transaction MIGO for Goods Movements

2: Goods Receipts

Posting a Goods Receipt Without Reference

Posting a Goods Receipt with Reference

Posting a GR with Automatic Generation of a PO

Posting Cancellation, Return Delivery, and Returns

Applying Order Price Unit in Inventory Management

Applying Tolerances and the Delivery Completed Indicator

Including Date Checks in Goods Receipts for a Purchase


3: Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings

Performing Transfer Postings

Performing Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations

Performing Stock Transfers Between Plants

4: Reservations

Creating Manual Reservations

Evaluating Reservations

Checking Availability and Missing Parts

5:Goods Issues

Posting Unplanned Goods Issues

Posting a Goods Issue with Reference

Configuring Stock Determination

Allowing Negative Stock

6: Special Forms of Procurement and Special Stocks

Performing the Process of Subcontracting

 Considering Vendor Consignment

Exploring Pipeline

Considering Further Special Stocks

7:Special Features of Material Valuation

Exploring Material Types UNBW and NLAG

Exploring Split Valuation

8: Physical Inventory

Conducting Physical Inventory

 Analyzing Determination of Book Inventory

Simplifying Physical Inventory

Applying Cycle Counting

Applying Inventory Sampling

9: Analyses

 Applying Stock Lists and Document Lists

 Applying Periodic Processing

10: Customizing

Implementing Settings for Documents

Setting up Movement Types

Applying Other Customizing Settings

11: Logistics Execution

Exploring Logistics Execution

Posting a Goods Receipt Against a Purchase Order

21 Lesson: Posting a Goods Issue for a Sales Order

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